Many users know such effective extension for Google Chrome as AdBlock. This extension completely frees the user from viewing ads on various web resources. However, in this case, the situation will be considered when it is necessary to enable AdBlock ads.


Many web resources have already learned how to work with ad blocker – because this access to the web page is either completely blocked or there are many restrictions, for example, when watching movies online, you cannot increase the quality. The only way to bypass this limitation is to disable AdBlock.

How can I cancel Google Ads?

Many times we want to know how to temporarily disable the ad blocker add-on “AdBlock” (in English: AdBlock), whether for a specific website or for the entire Internet browser, as well as the same for the add-on Adblock Plus (in English: Adblock Plus). The AdBlock application is an extension or add-on for Internet browsers on computers only, its icon is in the form of a white hand above the red stop sign, while Adblock Plus is an application for both computers and smartphones, and its icon appears in the English letters “ABP” above the stop sign red.

How are ads prevented?

Ad blocker for computer

Disabling in the Internet browser

Open a web browser. This should be done on a browser that already has the AdBlock or Adblock Plus add-on installed.
A Go to the “Extensions/Add-ons” page

Block popup ads Google Chrome

  1. For Google Chrome: Click ⋮, choose More tools, then click Extensions. (in English: Extensions)
  2. Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus. To do that.
  3. Uncheck the “Enabled” checkbox on the right side next to AdBlock or Adblock Plus.

Block Firefox pop-up ads

  • Firefox: Press ☰
  • Then tap Add-ons. (in English: Add-ons).
  • Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus. To do that.
  • Click Disable to the right of the extension's name, Need for Ads.

Block pop-up ads in Microsoft Edge:

Press ⋯ and then click on Extensions. (in English: Extensions).
Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus. To do that.
Click the blue on/off switch in the menu for the ad blocker plugin to turn it off
Turn it on again. This will ensure that the settings are confirmed and applied to the browser.


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